About Me


The ability to create memorable images has been something that has always captivated me. A Bride walking down the aisle. A baseball player making a diving catch. A fresh college graduate entering into the world and taking headshots for the first time. Not only do these images speak 1,000 words, they create a memory that sparks high emotions every time they are viewed.

I enjoy creating that feeling.

It may sound cliché, but I enjoy the relationships I have made because of my career path. Family Sessions result in Holiday Cards in December. High School Graduates keep in touch after Senior Photo Sessions and share their commitment to next level education.

Being remembered as more than a photographer is extremely rewarding.

Zachary Lucy Photography


The list is long - I've been requested to do several different types of photo sessions. Before accepting an unfamiliar job, I research the skills needed, what light sources are needed to create the most suitable shadows or highlights, and I speak to my clients until they are confident I am the right person for the job. Be sure the photographer you hire will do the same.


Fill out the Contact & Availability form on the next page to receive information in regards to your event or photo session. Please include as much information as possible and I'll return your inquiry with a phone call or email, whichever is preferred.